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Taking women's tech out of the dark ages

Calling all the women who’ve been told what their bodies could be, should be, would be— this one’s for you.Because our bodies are smart. We are literally high-tech, high spec. We’re daughters, friends, partners. Some are mothers, caregivers. We work, we bleed. We can choose to make life, then feed the life we’ve made. We are incredible.But we're not here to pay you lip service. Our mission is to give women the tools to enable what their bodies have always been capable of, across every phase of womanhood. Like any superhero(ine), Elvie has an origin storyAnd no. This one didn’t come from being bitten by a radioactive spider. It started with a true wonder woman and her quest to make womanhood, well, better. Elvie’s Founder and CEO, Tania Boler, is an internationally recognized women’s health expert who’s passionate about improving women's physical and emotional wellbeing while leading taboo-busting conversations around women’s health. As an expert with over 15 years’ experience, Tania’s mission has always been to create world-class technology to address intimate (and often neglected) issues faced by women throughout their lives. 

Our founder

Tania Boler, founder and CEO

Tania is an internationally recognized women’s health expert and has held leadership positions for various global NGOs and the United Nations. Passionate about challenging taboo women’s issues, Tania founded Elvie in 2013, partnering with Alexander Asseily to create a global hub of connected health and lifestyle products for women.

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